The Start

Seven years ago, Pastor Pete walked up to me at church and said,  “Rex, we are going to do a series on the Holy Spirit; it’s time you use your gifts.” I looked at him like he was crazy, but deep down inside I knew what he was talking about. During that series, chains were broken, pasts were let go of, and healings took place. Right after that, I got the God nudge to start this Holy Spirit Encounter ministry and have been blessed to lead Holy Spirit Encounters at churches where has God shown up and has done amazing things.

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Rex Tignor

Rex TignorRex Tignor is founder of Holy Spirit Encounter and Man UP Ministries.

Rex is currently employed by Henrico County as a Construction Inspector. Rex is a member of the Leadership team and Men’s Ministry training director for the Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries (WACMM). He is the former Men’s Ministry Director for Redemption Ministries for the state of Virginia, which assisted over 70 churches.


Rex is the author of “Living Out Of The Rut” – “Boot Camp For Men” and “Just Show UP! Devotional Conversation Starters for Men” While serving as Eastern Director for People Matter Ministries, he co-authored “Why Minister to Men” with Dr. Dan Erickson. His heart and passion is helping men unlock their God-given potential.


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