Erin & Mike Whitmer

20_whitmer_family_151101_kcp-retouchedLess than a decade ago Erin and Mike Whitmer didn’t believe God was still working miracles in people’s lives. They were so plugged in to the world around them that it felt as though God wasn’t here. Mike had left his strict Baptist upbringing, and Erin had wavered between wanting to know God and a freedom she thought sounded more appealing. They were traveling quickly down the road so many people today find themselves on: where God doesn’t matter.


In April of 2009 all of that changed when they were forced into a foxhole, that place of desperation where you’re either buried by fear or you call out to God. Their son had suffered a traumatic brain injury and might not survive. They had nothing but desperation and their fractured faith to call upon.  John 11:40 says, “If you believe you will see the glory of God.” Their son did survive and God delivered their family out of that tragedy, resurrecting their faith. They have seen glory after glory and desire to share that hope with others.


Between raising two young boys, Mike and Erin are active in their local church and actively minister to the women in their small business family. Mike has a passion for coaching men on how to get through difficult seasons in their lives. Erin is the co-author of Fighting Back With Fat and is currently working on a memoir about their family’s story.